Nutrisystems comments

Nutrisystems comments

How can a company make a meal so cheap and what must they be adding to it to make it look and taste good.Having already been on NS in the past, the diet may have changed some from what you remember, for the better mostly.Thanks to you for an excellent review and any help you or other commenters can give me.Mohamed, that is an incredible amount of weight to lose over a sustained period, so well done.You can also add your own story of your accomplishments or otherwise with Nutrisystem.Most of their failures were self inflicted — I can see that now.

The last thing you should worry about is what will happen when you finish a diet.For example, I would have a nutrisystem breakfast and a glass of milk in the morning.I would like to ask those of you who have done this program and gone off, if after you went off the plan did you gain back the weight and then some.

I still have ways to go, but when you get positive reinforcement from the scale it helps a lot.Like walking every day, drinking loads of water, getting all positive and motivated and it really came together for me.We found lots of food we liked and not one that was not tolerable.Granted some of the meals are not wonderful, but its also possible you got a bad meal in there and you should have contacted NS direct straight away if it tasted bad, rather than wait and then complain about it in my blog where nothing constructive will come of it.

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BTW, I finally feel reassured about doing NutriSystem and plan to choose my plan today.Next, some people report getting flatulence (gas) after eating the food.Meals with vegetables are better but watch out for sauces — again loaded with calories.I recommend to anyone who is using nutrisystem, if you are still hungry eat extra vegetables rather than eating junk food.

I was able to start the diet last Friday and after just 4 days I have lost 6 pounds.If you are going to lose weight on Nutrisystem, a great way to get started on this truly effective weight loss program is to use a Nutrisystem Promo code. Comments.You know you will lose weight with Nutrisystem, because its designed that way as long as you stick to it.I went on vacation to the Caribbean for the first time and was confident to wear a bikini on the beach.I read them all and came back here to leave a short note to say thanks for all this honest and comprehensive info.But for me it was a nice gift, as I have never been able to lose weight with diets before this.

Thanks for that article and to all the folks that chimed in here.Their customer service representative assured me that this was not a membership program and that I would not be auto-billed or shipped.I must glean from this that, as the author has mentioned, this must be an isolated case and it is true that a bad batch of meals can affect any company including the large or small supermarkets or indeed any food outlet including restaurants.I used NS for two months staring back in June and just sailed through it.While the program would be good for some, it was not for me and my food allergies.I still felt I needed to write in and tell your readers that losing all this weight probably saved my life.They work with the body to give you control over your eating habits, help to metabolize (break down) you food better, control blood sugar, and help you lose weight quickly and safely.

To take advantage of their current promotion, all you need to do is click on the Nutrisystem ad pictured top left on this page and you will automatically receive any bonus the company is running when you sign up with Nutrisystem.I know some people who pushed that point with Nutrisystem and got a single month for the advertised price and no extra charges.It adds just enough flavor to make it interesting to drink if you have trouble with plain water.When you have a high starting weight, what often happens is you lose quite a lot of weight over the first few weeks.Also, I now eat my main meal of the day in the early afternoon and taper off with two smaller ones later in the day.I ordered NS and used it faithfully for about 8 months and then used my new found knowledge to eat sensibly.I got over the hungry hump by taking an over the counter appetite suppressant.

The food is not 5 star, but it is a decent replacement option.The best things to do to help yourself get the most from this diet is to make sure you drink loads of plain water every day (not soda or diet soda).I have an autoimmune thyroid disease which I am treated for and weight loss is nearly impossible.Hey RG, its only the Select plans that the food is all frozen.But cost for cost, for busy people who want convenience as a priority in their diet, its a pretty good shot at losing weight.As long as I have an exact plan to follow, I know I will have the motivation to follow it.This is even more possible with higher-calorie veggies like potatoes, and if people add butter, oil or margarine to their veggies.It really depends on each individual to do their part for themselves.

I love the new foods especially the frozen meals and desserts.Its a really good diet plan and a friend of mine is doing the same plan right now.

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This is one of the massive and still rising problems that must be controlled in some way.Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, reviews the Food Lovers Fat Loss System.What I want to say is that while the majority of the meals were pretty okay, there were some that could of been better.If i cancel after the 2nd delivery will i still be charged the extra shipping fees and price for the first month.

I would spend almost that much on my regular food, pretty much the way you tell in in your review.I never felt hungry inbetween meals and some days I even forgot to eat the snacks, so towards the end of the diet I had some spares.I lost 26 pounds over two months and I actually enjoyed most of the meals, despite what some people seem to say about them.At the time I was 5 foot 5 and 155 lbs or so, so not incredibly overweight, but definitely needed to lose a few lbs.The only negative comment I have is I wish they did not charge you so much to change your frozen food.The silver plan for women is spread over 6 meals instead of the regular 5 (3 plus 2 snacks) and is recommended for the over 65s, so you have a ways to go to qualify LOL.The counselors were very helpful and made that exchange pretty seemless and i got my box of exchanged food pretty quickly.I love onions, garlic and bell peppers so for those foods that were a bit lacking in flavor, i just sauteed those items and added them to my food. they acted as both flavor enhancers and vegetables.During the diet I did go out to eat and have a glass of wine periodically.

Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day and especially after heavy exercise as your body will become dehydrated.I sure complained loudly to my wife and kids over just about every meal on some thing or other, but I still ate them all and I really did lose weight.